The Manny & Sylvia Weiner
Medical Scholarship

Manny and Sylvia Weiner, September 1939
Honoring the late Emanuel "Manny" Weiner and Sylvia Weiner.

While Manny and Sylvia Weiner built a wonderful home and raised a loving family together, Manny did have one regret: he wanted to be a doctor. Though he graduated from the pre-medical program at Louisiana State University, he was unable to attend medical school due to a combination of financial hardship and anti-semitism (strict quotas limited opportunities for Jewish students at the time). Sylvia was proud of her husband, regardless of profession, and together they thrived.

Now, this annual scholarship program has been created by their descendants, in loving memory—with the goal of helping more students achieve their dream of becoming a medical doctor, despite significant obstacles.

The 2023 scholarship is valued at $7500! Applications are now open, and the winner will be announced in November. Applicants must: 1) demonstrate financial need, 2) intend to become a practicing M.D., 3) be admitted to either medical school or a pre-medical undergraduate program, and 4) submit an essay. The scholarship is open to persons of all faiths and backgrounds, and is managed by the platform.

The 2021 scholarship, valued at $5000, was awarded to Loralye Rodriguez. Loralye is a pre-med student at CUNY Baruch College.

Loralye Rodriguez

The 2022 scholarship, valued at $5000, was awarded to Melissa Swain. Melissa is an Army veteran and a pre-med student at the University of Washington.

Melissa Swain

We look forward to awarding many more scholarships in the years to come!

Manny and Sylvia Weiner, 1980s

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